I have made several purchases from Nannette over the years. Each time Nannette has helped me select pieces that are timeless and suited to my personality. I can honestly say every piece of jewelry I have bought, I have worn time and time again – nothing sits in my jewelry box! Nannette has an eye for design, how to layer pieces, and what works together and what doesn’t. Plus the quality of her gems are outstanding! I purchased a diamond eternity band about 1 year ago – I continually get compliments on its brilliance!

PM, Boulder, CO

The process of building my engagement ring with you was awesome. I learned many things through each step and it was fun. There was never a question left unanswered. I would definitely give your name to someone that is looking to surprise a loved one.

Thank you,

VDP, Wildwood, IL

Nannette does beautiful design work. Her pieces speak volumes of originality, thought and attention to detail. I brought a large tanzanite to her, with no real idea of how to set this stone, but Nannette and I brainstormed and she came up with a sketch of something that looked to be what I wanted. She purchased beautiful stones to compliment the tanzanite and proceeded to have everything put together to give me a simply awesome, eye-popping ring. It was more beautiful than I even imagined and I receive numerous compliments whenever I wear this ring. Without a doubt, she is truly dedicated to pleasing her customers on all levels, whether for a beautiful engagement ring or just something fun and frivolous. This has been her life-long passion and it shows in everything she designs.

GG, Glenview, IL

Working with Gem Star is like having a personal shopper for jewelry and you know you are getting the best quality for the best prices. I always pick out a few things I can’t live without and when my birthday, anniversary or Christmas comes, my husband makes a call to Nannette and voila, I get what I really want and he looks good. Nannette also will get you anything you are looking for. If you want the clearest most beautiful diamond in a particular shape and size, she will get it and the best part is you know you will get exactly what you asked for, she is very knowledgeable and trustworthy!

DP, Cincinnati, OH

After visiting all the big name jewelry stores and feeling like their sales techniques were that of a used car dealer, not to mention they all had the same designs, I was so happy when a friend of mine told me about Gem Star. Nannette made me so comfortable and took the time to design a ring that I knew my wife would love. I wanted the ring my wife would wear for the rest of her life to be special and one of a kind. Nannette shared that same vision. Save yourself the aggravation of trudging through the mall looking for what isn’t there and go with a real pro, cause you’re not just buying a diamond ring, you’re buying a diamond ring for the woman you love. I know it sounds lame, but seriously it’s the ring your wife is going to show off to all her friends and family. I promise you Nannette will surprise them all!

KS, Mundelein, IL

Growing up in a family of primarily women – there were 4 of us girls – and no brothers and with an Italian mother who was very fond of fine jewelry, I was introduced at an early age as to what was unique, well made and flattering. Gem Star Fine Jewelry (Nannette Best) over the past several years has made original pieces of jewelry for me that I’ve never been able to find in any upscale store and duplicates most closely the originality and artistry I was accustomed to in my family’s company. In fact, the pieces she’s made for me are so unique and beautiful that I receive compliments from both men and women every time I wear one of them. “Where did you get that, who made that, what a gorgeous design etc. etc.?” There is nothing that makes you feel better than wearing an original piece of jewelry that garners attention and flatters you in every way. Kudos for Nannette and Gem Star Fine Jewelry. Nobody does it better!

PDC, San Diego, CA

Nannette and I hit it off from the moment we met. It took me a few years to decide how I wanted to reset my engagement ring. She was extremely patient and professional. When the time was right, I knew it. In the meantime, we purchased other quality, gorgeous pieces from Nannette. She has excellent taste and really knows her business. Trust is what it’s all about. Class act ~ I completely trust her! She is our lifetime jeweler.

LJM, Libertyville, IL